See our registration process and enroll their daughters in Queens' School of Business. Our goal is to provide a solid and better education for our students and human quality.


Already you can register with us and make part of the great Queens ' family...

Do not lose this magnificent experience where we will share meetings and big moments that mark our life.

Call us and ask plus information to 2260 6986 and we will attend to you.

Documents to enroll

Requirements for third cycle (from 7 th to 9 th grade)

  • Birth certificate (original)

  • Transcript (previous year)

  • Certificate of good conduct

  • Proof of payment

    Our school has

  • Image and Etiquette

  • Spacious and airy rooms

  • Computer room

  • cyber cafe
    Registration & Tuition
    Description Registration Tuition
    Elementary $130.00 $ 40.00
    Junior High School $130.00 $ 40.00
    High School $130.00 $ 40.00

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